Welding sheet-metal parts

Want to outsource the welding of sheet-metal semi-finished products to the specialist in stainless steel? With a team of over 15 certified welders and apprentices, we weld sheet-metal constructions, casings, machine frames and other parts that are essential for your end product.

Direct quotation for welding

Welding – how do we do it?

Creating your stainless-steel semi-finished products from a sheet-metal concept. That is our speciality. We manage the complete sheet-metal fabrication process, from laser cutting to welding complete assemblies. Welding allows us to permanently bond metals together. This involves the use of filler wire, pressure and heat. A solid ‘weld’ is created by liquefying the material and joining it together.

Our continuous investment in automation, as well as in employee training, means we function as your efficient, external workplace. We specialise in stainless-steel welding, but we are also perfectly at home in aluminium welding. To prevent contamination, we do not process steel in the welding department.

Welding shop of 1,000m2

Ten fully equipped workstations!

We have a 1,000 m2 welding shop with ten fully equipped welding workstations.  Here we weld sheet thicknesses from a minimum of 0.5 mm to a maximum of 30 mm. We provide various welding techniques:

  • TIG welding of stainless steel
  • TIG welding of aluminium
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • Spot welding
  • Stud welding
  • Certified stainless-steel welding
  • Robot welding

Exactly the right material for your semi-finished product

Stainless steel, but also aluminium!

We believe in the power of smart stainless-steel sheet-metal solutions, and possess the necessary production processes and materials knowledge in-house. It provides a specialism in welding stainless-steel parts that are essential to making your end product successful. Aluminium welding is also an option.

Our knowledge of welding goes deeper

A solution for every problem!

By continuously pursuing improvements and innovations when it comes to technology, automation, production processes and machining, Hoekman RVS is the specialist in creating smart sheet-metal solutions. Essential semi-finished products, as part of your final product, available in one-offs, and small or medium-sized series. For large or recurring series, you might want to switch to robotic welding. We would be delighted to provide you suitable advice for your end product.

The benefits of our welding

Efficient use of materials

In the cutting process, we combine customer orders so that we extract as many parts as possible from a sheet. We immediately cut the sheet-metal parts to the right length, after which we bend them to the desired profiles. Here we are not dependent on common commercial lengths of pipes and tubes, which ensures that we save material. This works to your advantage!

Short lead times!

CNC pressing makes it possible to bend the parts to be cut into 3D products. By exploiting the freedom of form to the full and using smart connections, such as tab and slot connections, fewer welding operations need to be carried out. This not only saves time, but also costs.

Advice as added value

We have been a close-knit family business since 1986. Thanks to the versatility of the projects that customers have entrusted to us over the years, we know exactly where the pitfalls lie, and specifically where a greater degree of efficiency can be gained. A construction or configuration with sheet metal as a basis? A small modification can already save a lot of money. In terms of not only the number of operations, but also time or material consumption. We like to add value with the input of our knowledge.

Benefits of Hoekman RVS

Hiring Hoekman RVS as the specialist in creating smart sheet-metal solutions provides you with these benefits:

  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Specialist in stainless steel
  • Complete in-house machining process
  • Stocks of various types of material
  • One-offs, and small and medium-sized series
  • High delivery reliability
Our advantages
  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Specialist in stainless steel
  • Stocks of various types of material
  • For one-offs, and small and medium-sized series
  • High delivery reliability

Request for a quotation

Simply upload your CAD files and fill in the processes, materials, thicknesses and amounts your need for your request. By using calculation software, we always provide a substantiated price. We try to respond on your request within two days.

  • Technically skilled sales team
  • Receive a customized quote quickly
  • Lead time reduction

What sheet-metal solution can we provide you?

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