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Sheet metal activities

The complete sheet-metal production process in-house

We have a wide array of modern machinery, allowing us to carry out all sheet-metal operations under one roof. From laser-cutting parts to fully welded parts and assemblies. We also provide aftertreatment as part of the total product, either in-house or in cooperation with a few specialised partner companies. We're the place to be for all your metalworking techniques:


A 24/7 automated laser-cutting process

Laser cutting of sheet metal? We laser cut material up to 25 mm thick. We have several flatbed lasers that are programmed offline for this purpose. We specifically cut stainless steel, but also aluminium and steel. Order laser-cut sheet-metal parts directly online!

Lasercutting - Hoekman RVS

Lasercutting XL

Large cutting up to 6 meters

Large cutting jobs? We (and therefore you!) have a laser-cutting machine that can process cutting jobs of up to six metres in length. Based on a fibre laser process, we cut one-offs and series quickly and accurately. Thanks to nesting software, we are able to export the most favourable cutting programmes. The large products we cut are only made of stainless steel and aluminium (not steel).

Lasercutting XL - Hoekman RVS

CNC Bending

First-time-right thanks to advanced angle-measuring system

Turn 2D sheet metal into a 3D product? We CNC bend your part precisely to specification. We have four LVD Easy Form CNC press brakes, equipped with an angle-measuring system. So we specifically press stainless steel, but also aluminium and steel products. You can easily order these semi-finished products online!

CNC Bending - Hoekman RVS

CNC Bending XL

Press length up to seven metres

Order large bending jobs? We've positioned two of our LVD Easy Form CNC press brakes in a parallel setup. This results in a combined bending length of seven metres. The press brake is equipped with an angle-measuring system and a bending aid, which contributes to an efficient manufacturing process. We produce large sheet-metal parts and sheet-metal profiles in stainless steel, but also in aluminium (not steel).

CNC Bending XL - Hoekman RVS

CNC Rolling

Rolling a sheet-metal radius

Rolling a cylindrical or conical shape in sheet metal? We are specialists in the complete sheet-metal fabrication process. With our sheet rolling machines we can easily roll flat sheets. Our CNC-controlled four-roller machine pre-bends automatically. In addition, we also have a three-roller machine. We apply rolling specifically to stainless steel, but also to aluminium (no steel).

CNC Rolling - Hoekman RVS


Specialised in welding stainless-steel

Outsource stainless-steel welding? Our machining process goes beyond laser cutting and bending. We have a 1,000 m2 welding shop with ten fully equipped welding workstations. Here we weld sheet-metal parts from 0.5 mm to 25 mm into complete assemblies. From TIG to MIG/MAG and from spot to stud welding. We specifically weld stainless steel, but also aluminium (no steel).

Welding - Hoekman RVS

Robot welding

For large series or recurring products

Welding large series or recurring products? Robot welding offers a perfect solution for an efficient welding process. As soon as the program and the welding template are known, the robot arm accurately applies the welds by moving around the product. The robots can be used for a MIG/MAG or TIG welding process. Thanks to manipulators we can position and rotate the product very precisely. We use robot welding specifically for stainless steel, but also for aluminium.

Robot welding - Hoekman RVS


We'd rather cut the holes at an early stage

Drilling through holes, blind holes or countersunk holes? We have a number of drill presses for drilling and countersinking. During the laser-cutting process, we immediately cut the holes in the required positions. If this doesn't work, because the holes are too small to cut, we'll make a mark at the specified location. Drilling is then completed afterwards, cooled if necessary. We specifically drill stainless steel, but also aluminium and steel.

Drilling - Hoekman RVS


Holes threaded directly

Threading drilled or cut holes? We have a small machining department where we take this additional work off your hands. Even if you engage us to fit and assemble your product, it is essential that holes are drilled and tapped in the sheet metal at precisely the required location. This makes assembly your final product a lot easier. We specifically tap stainless steel, but also aluminium and steel.

Tapping - Hoekman RVS

After treatment

The right surface treatment and finishing

We also provide aftertreatment as part of the total product, either in-house or in cooperation with a few specialised partner companies. Depending on the application of the final product, we advise on the choice for the best surface treatment or final finish. From barrel tumbling to polishing and from bead blasting to powder coating. We offer the complete surface-treatment programme.

Treat - Hoekman RVS

Request an online quote

A direct price for laser cutting and bending

Cutting parts delivered from 3 working days and cutting and bending parts from 6 working days!

Cutting and bending jobs in stainless steel, aluminium and steel (max. 3000 x 1500 mm) are easily ordered online. With a free account in the web portal, you will immediately receive a price without obligation based on your correct dxf or step files. Quotation approved? Then we start production straight away!

  • Upload 2D or 3D files
  • A quotation in the mailbox directly
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Stainless steel, but also steel and aluminium

Stainless-steel machining is our speciality! For welded assemblies, involving machining such as welding, fitting and assembly, we mainly process stainless steel, but also aluminium. We don't weld steel.

We make products from stainless steel, aluminium and steel using laser cutting, bending, drilling and tapping. You can easily order these semi-finished products online.

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