Tapping sheet-metal parts

Tapping holes in sheet metal at precisely the right position makes it much easier to assemble your end product! You save a lot of time when you let us supply the sheet-metal parts with (pre-tapped) holes.

Tapping – how do we do it?

Tapping and drilling are inextricably linked. Or perhaps not as much as you might think? After all, we can cut holes directly with the laser cutting machines that can be tapped with a thread at a later stage. This prevents extra handling during the machining process of your semi-finished products. If it is not possible to cut the holes, we are also able to drill holes.

Smallest holes to cut

Smart construction from sheet metal

Drill holes, or choose another fixing?

We aim to create a high-quality and affordable semi-finished product with as fast a turnaround time and as little processing as possible. That’s why we automate our production processes and continually make them more efficient. In addition, further gains are made through smart construction and engineering. Fitting and assembly of a construction become a lot easier when smart connections are created between the different parts. This facilitates the further machining process, but can also save on production and material costs. 

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Stainless steel, but also aluminium!

We believe in the power of smart stainless-steel sheet-metal solutions, and possess the necessary production processes and materials knowledge in-house. It provides a specialism in fabricating stainless-steel parts that are essential to making your end product successful. In addition to stainless steel, we also manufacture aluminium sheet-metal parts.

Tapping is integrated into our machining process.

A solution for every problem!

We are constantly looking for improvements and innovations in technology, automation, production processes and machining. We are able to supply custom-made sheet-metal products for various markets and industries:

  • Packaging industry
  • Food industry
  • Agro and mechanisation technology
  •  Construction and infrastructure technology
  • Medical industry
  • Assembly and installation technology
  • Oil, gas and chemical industry
  • Transport and automotive

Short lead times

Thanks to an efficient and advanced automated work process, we keep our lead times short. This means we deliver quickly, so that your process continues without disruption. And is especially true when the contract includes 3D STEP files or semi-finished products that we have fabricated for you previously.

The benefits of contracting us to tap your sheet-metal work

Stainless steel is our specialism

Not only are our machines and software a key part of our stainless-steel specialism, but our employees are also an indispensable factor in our success. Whatever end product you use our specialism for, we are happy to make our craftsmanship part of your process.

Flexible machining process

You are the specialist in the end product you develop. We have the knowledge and resources to ensure the optimal manufacturing process of the stainless-steel semi-finished products that are essential to making your end product successful. Do you only want to receive a laser cut part? Or do you need a fully assembled and welded construction? You choose exactly how much of the creative process you leave to us. This makes us your specialised and efficient external workshop.

Fewer operations as well as less material!

Achieving the right end product with fewer operations through smart engineering from sheet metal. Intelligent software checks the producibility and helps us with automated production control. This enables us to produce cutting and bending parts precisely to size, saving a great deal of machining time and material.

Advice as added value!

You know your end product and your market through and through. We have the knowledge and resources for an optimal manufacturing process of the stainless-steel semi-finished products that are essential for this. We prefer to bring the best of both worlds together as early as the engineering phase. By being involved with you and your project as early as possible, we love to partner with you about how best to realise the finest end product together. A small modification can already save a lot of money. In terms of not only the number of operations, but also time or material consumption.

Our advantages
  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Specialist in stainless steel
  • Stocks of various types of material
  • For one-offs, and small and medium-sized series
  • High delivery reliability

Request for a quotation

Simply upload your CAD files and fill in the processes, materials, thicknesses and amounts your need for your request. By using calculation software, we always provide a substantiated price. We try to respond on your request within two days.

  • Technically skilled sales team
  • Receive a customized quote quickly
  • Lead time reduction

What sheet-metal solution can we provide you?

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