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Arriving together at a producible concept

Engineering in 3D is an indispensable part of a modern sheet-metal production company. Our Engineering & Planning department has the HiCAD sheet-metal module that allows them to model in 3D. We partner with you to convert your design into a production-ready 3D CAD file. Depending on your wishes, Hoekman provides you with a stainless-steel solution in close consultation:


Arriving together at a producible concept

Based on the issue you have outlined and a study of your drawings, we advise you on how to achieve a producible concept. We partner with you in selecting the best materials, the optimal sequence of operations and the best finishing and assembly processes.

Co-engineering - Hoekman RVS

Prototype production

Making the design suitable for (series) production

In close consultation we discuss the implementation possibilities of the 3D design. If all the details match, we'll make a prototype. This is an important step towards optimizing the design and making it suitable for (series) production. We have the specialists in-house to ensure a successful transition from prototype to production.

Prototype production - Hoekman RVS


A small modification can make all the difference

More efficient production, cost savings or better functionality. A small modification can already make all the difference. Our goal? Producing the intended end product with less material, fewer operations and shorter lead times. We'd love to look at how we can improve your product design.


About Hoekman RVS

Became part of you

Since 1986, we have been a close-knit family business characterised by continuity and dependability. The sheet-metal semi-finished products we make literally make us part of your business. But we also like to make our passion, knowledge and craftsmanship a part of your business.

  • Family Company since 1986
  • Passionate sheet metal skills
  • Working togehter on succes
We succeed together


Stainless steel, but also steel and aluminium

We focus (almost) entirely on the material stainless steel. Not only are our machines and software geared to this specialism, but so is the expertise of our employees. As a customer with your own end product consisting of one or more parts made of stainless steel, you can have full confidence in that specialism. Do you need a steel or aluminium solution instead? Hoekman RVS will partner with you here too!

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