Prototype production

A prototype must show whether the design is good enough for serial production. For a first prototype you need a manufacturable concept. We are the specialist in high-quality sheet metal structures and frames and help you develop your prototype. We think about the most efficient sheet metal production process. We already test what you have designed in the preliminary phase in simulation software of it is manufacturable. Together with you we set up a product-design readt for production, at acceptable costs and in a realistic lead time. This is how we like to become part of your end product with our prototype production.

Prototype production, how do we do that?

Prototyping is an interactive process between us and the customer. The time-to-market is of great importance here. Through automated control of production, we always have insight into current data. This keeps the lead times short. We switch quickly because of the short lines between our production department and the work planners / engineers. Because we have the entire process in-house, it is possible to make adjustments in the meantime and experiment whether the solutions that have been thought up work in practice.

Complete stainless steel machining process

We have a modern and high-quality automated machine park. Our laser cutting machines are programmed offline and are fully automated. Then we cut the parts to size, we provide them with the necessary drilling and tapping holes and we weld the monoparts to a complete sheet metal assembly. Finally, we assemble the assembly into (a part of) your unit, module or system.

Produce a first prototype

We produce custom work based on your requirements and tolerances. We are constantly looking for improvements and innovations in technology, automation, production processes and operations. In this way, we convert every panel part into the semi-finished product that you need for your end product. We do this for different markets and industries:

  • Agro- and mechanization technology
  • Construction and infrastructure technology
  • Machine and equipment construction
  • Medical industry
  • Assembly and installation technology
  • Oil, gas and chemical industry
  • Transport and automotive
  • Packaging industry
  • Food industry

    Our advantages in prototype production

    We unburden you

    Our work planners and engineers will guide you during a good cooperation to a first prototype from sketch. With our experience, we deliver a suitable solution for every complex issue, so we can offer an optimal process for your product. While we unburden you, you can focus on the development and marketing of your end product.

    First Time Right principle

    With advanced sheet metal machines, such as laser cutting machines with precise tolerances and press brakes with an angle measuring system, you achieve high dimensional stability. By cutting engravings and notches directly at the right positions and using all the possibilities of free bending, the assemblies are returned to simple construction kits that only fit together in one way. The result is a first prototype, which is produced exactly according to the drawing.

    Cost reduction through knowledge and experience

    We use the knowledge of sheet metal production to create a smart sheet metal solution that’s needed for your end product. Our engineers know exactly what the critical points are, and also where they can win in efficiency. We know how to eliminate unnecessary actions in the process. Because of the thrust in our own knowledge and experience, it is possible to reduce the manufacturing costs.

    All metalworking processes in-house

    We produce the stainless steel parts for frames, assemblies and welding constructions in-house. For that we start at cutting the sheet metal parts with our highly automated laser cutting process. After we bend the metal parts with our bending machines we weld the parts into a first prototype.

    Advantages Hoekman stainless steel

    Using Hoekman RVS as partner in creating smart sheet metal solutions delivers the following advantages:

    • Years of experience and knowledge
    • Specialist in the material stainless steel
    • Additional processes possible
    • Stock in various material types
    • For single parts and small and medium serial production
    • High delivery reliability
    Our advantages
    • Years of experience and knowledge
    • Specialist in stainless steel
    • Stocks of various types of material
    • For one-offs, and small and medium-sized series
    • High delivery reliability

    Request for a quotation

    Simply upload your CAD files and fill in the processes, materials, thicknesses and amounts your need for your request. By using calculation software, we always provide a substantiated price. We try to respond on your request within two days.

    • Technically skilled sales team
    • Receive a customized quote quickly
    • Lead time reduction

    What sheet-metal solution can we provide you?

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