Making a great product even better? We'd love to take on this challenge together with you in a re-engineering process. You naturally expect a supplier to have extensive knowledge of how your product can best be made. After all, that's why you outsource the fabrication process. We are your efficient and specialized workshop for the production of sheet-metal parts, stainless-steel frames and sheet-metal constructions, which are essential to making your end product successful.

Re-engineering – how do we do that?

We want to use our knowledge of sheet metal to develop your product and make it even more efficient on the basis of re-engineering.

While you focus on the end product you develop and market, we partner with you to determine the most efficient stainless-steel sheet-metal production process then implement it. Any new solutions and ideas are then implemented in the existing design. The goal? To improve the creation process and reduce costs and lead times, while maintaining or even improving functionality. Together we get the best out of your module, system or machine!

Highly automated production process

Creating value and eliminating waste – the basis for a lean production process. Automation plays a major role in achieving this within the sheet-metal working space. By allowing machines and software to communicate with each other, there is a continuous exchange of data. This provides insight into the most current data and makes it possible to continuously optimise and streamline processes. Our engineers have sheet-metal knowledge and are therefore able to promote the entire machining process. This makes it possible to keep lead times short while maintaining quality.

The benefits of re-engineering

Re-engineering a tubular construction into sheet metal

With our current sheet-metal knowledge, it is interesting to re-engineer a tubular or sleeve construction into a sheet-metal construction. Engineering from sheet metal has a number of benefits.

High dimensional stability

By taking advantage of the maximum freedom of form that sheet-metal production offers, it is possible to reduce complex assemblies to simple components. In the preparatory process, in which the sheet-metal parts are cut to exactly the required length, marks and notches are already applied at the correct positions. This ensures high dimensional stability, so the parts can only be positioned on top of each other in precisely one specific way. 

Less material

We reduce material use by taking into account common trade lengths, thus reducing the use of material. We also waste less material by efficiently utilizing the entire sheet using nesting software and by reducing mono-parts to a single sheet thickness. In addition, we use less material due to the use of open profiles and constructions, so they do not contain any more weight and material than necessary. It also provides a hygiene advantage because open constructions are easier to clean.

Less machining time

The machining time in production can be reduced by cleverly engineering from sheet metal. The laser marks/holes/cuts make assembly easier. We use smart connections between two sheet-metal parts, which can reduce the number of welds. The high dimensional precision that we know how to achieve also benefits the final production time for a construction or composition.

The markets we work for

A solution for your sheet-metal problem!

We are constantly looking for improvements and innovations in technology, automation and production processes. For example, we make custom sheet-metal semi-finished products. We do this for various markets and industries:

Benefits of Hoekman RVS

Hiring Hoekman RVS as the specialist in creating smart sheet-metal solutions provides you with these benefits:

  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Specialist in stainless steel
  • Additional operations possible
  • Stocks of various types of material
  • One-offs, and small and medium-sized series
  • High delivery reliability
Our advantages
  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Specialist in stainless steel
  • Stocks of various types of material
  • For one-offs, and small and medium-sized series
  • High delivery reliability

Request for a quotation

Simply upload your CAD files and fill in the processes, materials, thicknesses and amounts your need for your request. By using calculation software, we always provide a substantiated price. We try to respond on your request within two days.

  • Technically skilled sales team
  • Receive a customized quote quickly
  • Lead time reduction

What sheet-metal solution can we provide you?

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