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Stainless steel and aluminium

Stainless-steel machining is our speciality! For welded assemblies, involving machining such as welding, fitting and assembly, we mainly process stainless steel, but also aluminium. We don't weld steel.

We make products from stainless steel, aluminium and steel using laser cutting, bending, drilling and tapping. You can easily order these semi-finished products online.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a fusion of different grades of rustproof steel. This alloy ensures that stainless steel is strong and does not rust (oxidise). Stainless steel can also be used in environments where it is exposed to high temperatures. Stainless steel only melts at 900 to 1000 degrees Celsius and barely deforms when heated.

AISI Materiaalstructuur EN Werkstofnr ASTM/UNS AFNOR
Austeniet 14547 S31254
Austeniet 14652 S32654
Austeniet 14818 S30415
Austeniet X9CrNoSiNCe21-11-2 14835 S30815
Austeniet X10CrALSi7 14713 Z8Ca7
Austeniet X10CrALSi13 14724 Z13C13
Austeniet X10CrALSi24 14762 Z12CAS25
Austeniet 14162 S32101
Austeniet X2CrNiMoN22.5.3 14462 S31803/S32205 Z3CND22.05Az
Austeniet X2CrNiMoCUWN25.7.4 14501 S32760
Austeniet 14662 S82441
Austeniet X2CrNiN23.4 14362 S32304/S39230 Z3CN23.04Az
Austeniet X2CrNiMoN25.7.4 14410 S32750 Z3CND25.07Az
302B Austeniet X15CrNiSi20-12 14828 S30215/30900
304 Austeniet X5CrNi18.10 14301 S30400 Z6CN18.09
304H Austeniet X6CrNi18.11 14948 S30409 Z6CN18.11
304L Austeniet X2CrNi19.11 14306 S30403
309S Austeniet X6CrNi22.13 14833 S30908 Z15CN24.13
310 Austeniet X15CrNiSi25.20 14841 S31000/31400 Z15CNS25.20
310S Austeniet X12CrNi25.21 14845 S31008 Z8CN25.20
316 Austeniet X5CrNiMo17.12.2 14401 S31600 Z7CND17.11.02
316(Mo+) Austeniet X5CrNiMo17.13.3 14436 Z6CND18.12.03
316H Austeniet X6CrNiMo17.13 14919 S31609 Z6CND17.12
316L Austeniet X2CrNiMo1.713.2 14404 S31603 Z3CND18.12.02
316L(Mo+) Austeniet X2CrNiMo18.14.3 14435 S31609 Z3CND18.14.03
316Ti Austeniet X6CrNiMoTi17.12.2 14571 S31635 Z6CNDT17.12
317L Austeniet X2CrNiMo18.16.4 14438 S31703 Z3CND19.15.04
321 Austeniet X6CrNiTi18.10 14541 S32100 Z6CNT18.10
321H Austeniet X12CrNiTi18.9 14878 S32109 Z6CNT18.12
347(H) Austeniet X6CrNiTi18.10 14550 S34700 Z6CNNb18.10
409 Ferriet X2CrTI12 14512 S40900
410 Martensiet X12Cr13 14006 S41000 Z10C13
410S Ferriet X6Cr13 14000 S41008 Z8C12
420 Martensiet X20Cr13 14021 S42000 Z20C13
420F Martensiet X30Cr13 14028 J91153 Z33C13
430 Ferriet X6Cr17 14016 S43000 Z8C17
442 Ferriet X10CrALSi18 14742 S44200 Z12CAS18
446 Ferriet X10CrAl 25 14762 S44600 Z10CAS24
904L Austeniet X1NiCrMoCu25.20.5 14539 N 08904 Z2NCDU25.20


Flexible, elastic and light

Aluminium is a natural element. Less strong than steel or stainless steel, but more flexible, elastic and much lighter due to its low density. This makes aluminium easier to shape. Anodising is advisable, as aluminium is not corrosion resistant of itself. In contrast to stainless steel, aluminium melts at temperatures above 220 degrees Celsius.

Stock materials

We stock various common materials in stainless steel, aluminium and steel. This means we deliver semi-finished products ordered online that involve laser cutting and pressing operations in 3–6 working days.

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