Laser cutting of large sheet-metal parts (XL)

Laser cutting of large sheet metal up to a maximum size of 6000 mm. With our laser cutting process we manufacture laser-cut parts that you can further process in your own production process. We will also custom press your sheet-metal parts or further process them into a welded construction if you require. We are the specialist in creating smart stainless-steel sheet-metal solutions for your end product, available as one-offs, or small and medium series. Whether you need only cut semi-finished products, or a fully welded and assembled product, we'll make it for you!

Laser cutting XL – how do we do it?

We aim to create a high-quality and affordable semi-finished product with as fast a turnaround time and as little processing as possible. That’s why we automate our production processes. Using nesting software, the most favourable cutting programmes are exported to the machine. This means that the plates are used as efficiently as possible by combining all parts from the various orders. The cutting setup is automated, allowing a plate to be changed within 200 seconds. This means that very little time is lost in loading and unloading the machine and a continuous cutting process is guaranteed. The machine can complete a wide variety of cutting programmes in succession for different thicknesses and material types by programming them offline. And that means that we not only make the best use of materials, but also of our time!

Our machinery with laser cutting machines

Cutting up to 6 metres, in aluminium and stainless steel!

We have one large format laser cutting machine, which we control offline and which is equipped with automated sheet loading and unloading. Based on a fibre laser cutting dock, we cut one-offs, but also series from stainless steel and aluminium quickly and precisely. Our large format laser cutting machine has the following specifications:

  • High-speed fibre cutting process with 8 kW laser source
  • Stainless steel and aluminium up to 25 mm
  • Max. sheet size 6000 to 2000 mm
  • Automated sheet exchange

Specialist in stainless steel

Custom sheet-metal work

We believe in the power of smart stainless-steel sheet-metal solutions, and have the necessary production processes and materials knowledge in-house. This means we provide the specialism in laser cutting the large stainless-steel sheet parts that are essential to making your end product successful. We cut and press not only large stainless-steel sheet parts to length, but also aluminium.

Order sheet work online

Any cutting and pressing in smaller sizes or standard stainless steel, aluminium and steel grades, can easily be ordered online! With a free account in the web portal, you will immediately receive a price in your mailbox without obligation based on your correct DXF or STEP files.

Why laser-cut large sheet metal?

A solution for every problem!

Cutting large format sheets is the first step in the production process to press stainless steel and aluminium profiles to length for our customers. There are major gains to be achieved by producing constructions from open sheet-metal profiles, including faster lead times, less material usage and a lower number of operations. In the food sector in particular, the use of open profiles is a major advantage, because open profiles reduce the risk of dirt accumulation and are easier to keep clean. But we supply suitable sheet-metal solutions in other metalworking industries too:

The benefits of contracting us to laser-cut your large sheet-metal work

Short lead times

We know your time is scarce. Thanks to an efficient and advanced automated work process, we keep our lead times short. This means we deliver quickly, so that your process continues without disruption. And is especially true when the contract includes 3D STEP files or semi-finished products that we have fabricated for you previously.

First time right!

All your parts are figured out from a 2000 x 6000 mm sheet. Sheet-metal software helps us to dissect a 3D composition and ensure an excellent result for the parts to be cut. This means that the output is always right first time, so you get a quality product as a result.

Flexible in your design!

Bending of long profiles gives a huge range of possibilities. Longer profiles can be custom produced in one piece to your specification. This provides more design freedom than when using pipes and tubes in commercially available lengths.

Fewer operations as well as less material!

By engineering from sheet metal, you achieve the right end product with fewer welding operations. Because we customize profiles directly, we also create less residual waste, which saves material!

Advice as added value

You know your end product and your market through and through. We have the knowledge and resources for an optimal manufacturing process of the stainless-steel semi-finished products that are essential for this. We prefer to bring the best of both worlds together as early as the engineering phase. By being involved with you and your project as early as possible, we’d love to partner with you about how best to realise the finest end product together. A small modification can already save a lot of money. In terms of not only the number of operations, but also time or material consumption.

Benefits of Hoekman RVS

Hiring Hoekman RVS as the specialist in creating smart sheet-metal solutions provides you with these benefits:

  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Specialist in stainless steel
  • Stocks of various types of material
  • One-offs, and small and medium-sized series
  • High delivery reliability

Our benefits

  • Maximum freedom of form in sheet metal
  • Reduction in the number of welds as larger sizes can be processed
  • Option of making custom profiles to size
  • Fewer working hours / less machining time per product

Easily upload your CAD files and specify for which operation(s), materials, thicknesses, and numbers you're requesting. By using calculation software, we always provide you with a well-founded sales price. We aim to get back to you within two days.

  • Technically trained sales team
  • Fast and appropriate quotation
  • Shorter lead times
Our advantages
  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Specialist in stainless steel
  • Stocks of various types of material
  • For one-offs, and small and medium-sized series
  • High delivery reliability

Request for a quotation

Simply upload your CAD files and fill in the processes, materials, thicknesses and amounts your need for your request. By using calculation software, we always provide a substantiated price. We try to respond on your request within two days.

  • Technically skilled sales team
  • Receive a customized quote quickly
  • Lead time reduction

What sheet-metal solution can we provide you?

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