Current delivery times

Delivery time
(total product)

Requests based on dxf or 3D-stp files
Max. Maße: 3000 x 1500 mm
Max. Maße: 6000 x 2000 mm
3 -  7 Workdays

CNC Bending
Requests based on 3D-stp files
Max. size: 7000 x 2000 mm
6 - 16 Workdays 
CNC Rolling
Requests based on 3D-stp files
View Max. sizes

7  - 13 Workdays
Drilling and Tapping
Only as an attachment on lasercutting and bending
7 - 16 Workdays
Welding and Robotwelding
Quotations based on 3D-stp files
Only aluminium and stainless steel products (no steel)
15 - 20 Workdays
After treatment
After treatment is an addition to our delivery programme. We offer this as part of a product or construction.
2 - 20 Workdays

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