About us

Hoekman began as a small family business back in the day, but has since grown into a sizeable full-service supplier for a range of companies in the metalworking industry.

Hoekman Stainless Steel: Total Supplier

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About us

Hoekman Roestvaststaal has been manufacturing metal products in Nieuwleusen as of 1986. Hoekman began as a small family business back in the day, but has since grown into a sizeable full-service supplier for a range of companies in the metalworking industry. Along the way, the company has specialised in working with stainless steel. We work on our clients’ projects with a dedicated team of over 40 co-workers. Thankfully, our company has retained its original familial character and client-oriented approach.

About Hoekman Roestvaststaal B.V.

As a supplier of sheet metal and full-service supplier of welding and construction work, our goal is to tackle your projects together with you and provide added value using our expertise. Hoekman Roestvaststaal is always looking for ways to improve our products and processes.

Multiple processes, one supplier!

Do you want for us to manufacture a full end product, or just part of one? Either way, Hoekman Roestvaststaal can provide you with what you need. We perform multiple processes in-house, ranging from laser cutting and CNC bending to entire welded constructions. This allows us to not only service our clients optimally, but also make life as easy as possible for you, from beginning to end. Hoekman Roestvaststaal guarantees consistent quality at rates that are in line with the current market. Moreover, we aim to realise short lead times, so that you are able to service your own clients optimally in turn.

Our core values:

Specialised in stainless steel

Initially, we offered metalworking services in the widest range of the word. Our aim was to be able to respond to our clients’ every need; work is work, after all. However, it is impossible to be equally good at everything, and we realised that we were lacking focus. That is why we began specialising in stainless steel in recent years. We now maintain a combined focus on managing the manufacturing processes, automation, and stainless steel itself. This fits well with our clients, which are primarily companies with a product or machine of their own that consists at least partially of stainless steel. We are able to anticipate the clients’ needs and take over part of the manufacturing process, making us a true extension of our clients. Another one of our strong suits is the supply of individual parts, for which we focus on speed, efficiency, and fair pricing.

Family Business

Gert en heleen hoekman
We are incredibly proud of the fact that in spite of the way our company has grown and developed, we have managed to retain its original familial atmosphere. These days, the company consists of over 40 co-workers, with siblings Gert and Heleen Hoekman at the wheel. Gert has a strong drive to continuously innovate and automate to ensure that the company is always future-proof, and Heleen is great at investing in employees and their capacities, while retaining the Hoekman family feel. We have celebrated many a co-worker’s anniversary by now.


It may seem logical for a business to put its clients first and foremost, but in practice, maintaining a client-oriented focus can be very tricky due to daily operations, hustle and bustle, and external factors. Our aim is to always put our clients first and foremost and be aware of the fact that without our clients, our entire company would not be able to exist. In order to be able to make history and build a future with our clients, we hope to invest in long-term client relationships!
klant staat centraal

Advisory full-service supplier

adviserende totaalleverancier
Whereas you specialise in the end product that you develop and market, we specialise in the creation of the stainless steel parts you require to be able to do so. Thanks to the great variety of products that we have been entrusted with by our clients throughout the years, we are well aware of what might be potential pitfalls, or where greater efficiency might be achieved. If you are looking to create a construction or structure with sheet metal as its basis, we would love to be involved and provide added value by contributing our knowledge and expertise. Rest assured that we only ever offer honest advice; even if we felt that we would not make a good match, we would still tell you as much.

Collaborating on success

The demand at the end of the production chain has changed over time. In today’s constantly connected world, information can be obtained and shared in no time at all. Everything is within the modern consumer’s grasp! The speed and flexibility that consumers nowadays expect requires the supplying people and companies to have a lot of adaptive capacity, even at the very beginning of the chain. Things that you are unable to provide today may be perfectly doable for your competition by tomorrow. By learning from one another, we are able to reinforce one another. By strengthening your position and increasing your sales market, you contribute indirectly to our success. As such, we are obviously dedicated to putting in our all for our clients!
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