Stainless steel metalworking

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Stainless steel metalworking


Are you looking for a supplier of stainless steel metalworking services? Look no further! Hoekman Roestvaststaal has been a supplier for the metalworking industry for over 30 years now. We work with aluminium and steel as well, but specialise mainly in stainless steel metalworking. We become a key chain in the manufacturing process, turning sheet metal into products for you to process further. Quick, efficient, and exactly what you need.

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Our Metalworking processes

Laser cutting

The first step of the manufacturing process is cutting the sheets. We have a fully automated laser cutting setup for this. Our two Trumpf-brand laser-cutting machines are able to cut 24/7 with minimal human supervision. Are you looking to outsource your laser-cutting work?

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Bending / Pleating

Our machine fleet includes 4 LVD press brakes, 2 of which can be joined up to create a total length of 7 metres. Thanks to the various presses and moulds, we are able to realise various bending radiuses. As these machines are programmed offline, our team of benders will have the right bending programmes at their disposal at any time, even if the manufacturability of the product was not checked beforehand. This allows us to quickly and efficiently produce 3D flashings.

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Welding / entire welded structures

We not only supply parts, but can also take care of your assembly work. Our welding shop and assembly hall is home to a team of experienced welders who specialise in welding stainless steel. We are also able to supply entire welded structures and do construction work. Together, we will discuss exactly how much we can do for you to lighten your load.

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Surface treatment

We ensure that your stainless steel products receive the right post-treatment, involving our network of partners if need be. We are able to apply various post-treatments, such as tumbling, grinding, brushing, powder coating, electrolytic polishing and ceramic bead blasting, pickling, etc. We guarantee the quality of the work being performed, and moreover, you also benefit from having a single point of contact.

Why opt for Hoekman Roestvaststaal?

Thanks to its ability to perform many metalworking techniques in-house, Hoekman Roestvaststaal is able to control the various processes. Our company is able to switch between the various sub-processes easily, ensuring short lead times. This, along with our advanced software, ensures that we are able to guarantee delivery reliability while keeping a handle on pricing and quality.

  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • The latest metalworking techniques
  • Expert staff
  • Optimum value for money

More about stainless steel metalworking?

If you have a question about stainless steel metalworking or want to request a quotation, please feel free to contact us; our team is at your service!