Laser cutting

Laser cutting of sheet metal work in (stainless) steel on our Trumpf laser cutting machines. Quick delivery, good price and high quality.

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Laser cutting

Laser cutting in stainless steel, steel, and aluminium! Hoekman Roestvaststaal is a modern company with a highly automised laser-cutting process. We have been cutting sheet metal in-house as of 1997. By outsourcing the cutting of parts to us, you are guaranteed premium-grade cutting work. We are specialised in stainless steel processing, but we also cut steel and aluminium. With our team of over 40 co-workers, we are able to meticulously complete any and all cutting orders. Laser-cutting work of excellent quality, at rates that are in line with the current market, and delivered on time!

Trumpf Lasersnijder voor lasersnijden van plaatwerk tot 3000 x 1500mm

Materials, thicknesses, and sheet size

Our laser-cutting machines are calibrated for standard dimensions; the parts are cut out of sheets that are 1500mm x 3000mm in size. The use of modern nesting software allows us to cut the sheet as advantageously as possible, to your advantage! We keep various types of regular steel and stainless steel in stock. Combined with our highly automated processes, this allows us to guarantee short lead times, and thus fast delivery. The stainless steel sheets we use for laser cutting come in various thicknesses, ranging from 0.5mm to 25mm. You can choose from the following, among others

✔ RVS 304
✔ RVS 316
✔ Hot-rolled / Cold-rolled RVS
✔ Bright Annealed RVS
✔ Pickled / Oiled RVS
✔ RVS with foil
✔ RVS with 2B finish
✔ RVS with polished grain
✔ Other (exotic) materials

We also cut steel, aluminium, and other materials. If the desired material is not suitable for laser cutting, such as if it is too thick or dense, we can utilise our in-house water-cutting process instead.

Materiaal Afmetingen Diktes
Roestvaststaal 1500x3000mm tot 20mm
Aluminium 1500x3000mm tot 10mm
Staal 1500x3000mm tot 25mm

Cutting files in DXF and STEP

2D drawing in AutoCad, SolidWorks, or other drawing software is standard procedure in a lot of technical companies. Thankfully, you can supply any cutting files in DXF format, and we also have software to expand your 3D (STEP) files. If you do not yet have a design with the right file format, please feel free to contact our sales team, who would be happy to advise you. Our management support office can also provide you with support for designing, developing, and engineering your end product. If you supply us with proper files, this results in shorter lead times and lower costs in the end. This helps create continuity, trust, and convenience throughout the entire chain, enabling you to provide your client with quick, optimal service, while keeping a handle on the costs!

Would you like to receive a quotation?

You can request a quotation for your stainless steel cutting parts via our sales team or our online portal. The use of calculation software allows us to quickly provide you with a realistic quotation for any laser-cutting job, taking into account aspects such as the prices of materials, processing times, and the size of the series. As we do cutting work for our clients 24/7 and make optimal use of our cutting machines’ capacity, we are also able to offer single units at fair prices. Our sales team’s response time to quotation requests is generally 1 to 2 working days.

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Our online portal is at your disposal 24/7 to allow you to obtain quotations. After uploading your files, you will receive a quotation within minutes and be able to place orders or repeat orders right away.

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Are you interested in outsourcing your stainless steel laser-cutting work to Hoekman Roestvaststaal, and curious about the possibilities we can offer for your manufacturing process? Please feel free to contact us to talk about the many possibilities, no strings attached!

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