CNC Bending

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CNC Bending

Do you want to outsource your CNC bending work? Bending is a commonly used sheet metal processing technique that Hoekman Roestvaststaal fully controls. We have four Easy-form CNC press brakes for the bending process, two of which are lined up in a linked setup, creating a total bending length of 7 metres. Although we specialise in stainless steel, we are also able to bend regular steel and aluminium sheet metal.

Bending as part of our sheet metal philosophy

CNC bending is an essential part of our sheet metal philosophy. Where as profiles used to be constructed out of tubing or rectangular elements, we instead try to construct them out of sheet metal as efficiently as possible. We use 3D simulation software that is able to immediately check the manufacturability of a product to take sheet metalworking to the next level. By collaborating with our clients, we are able to determine how best to bend the stainless steel to allow for greater efficiency throughout the rest of the client’s manufacturing process, making equal use of all shaping and cutting advantages. By using sheet metal instead of rectangular profiles or tubing, we are able to realise sturdier, simpler, and often cheaper construction work.

The advantages of bending

• Reduces the number of welds required by bending the sheet metal instead
• No additional post-treatment needed, as if often the case with welding
• Reduced manual labour
• Fast, clean processing
• No material wastage
• No surplus labour

Linked LVD Easy-forms

✔ Pressing force 2 x 220 tonnes

✔ Bending length 2x 3500 mm till max 7000 mm

✔ Troughput 1000 mm

LVD Embeka Tandem Kantbank


LVD Easy-form 220 Tonnes

✔ Pressing force 220 tonnes

✔ Bending length 4200 mm

Troughput 600 mm

LVD Easy Form

LVD Easy-form 130 Tonnes


✔ Preccing Force 130 ton

✔ Bending length 3000 mm

✔ Troughput 500 mm

LVD Easy Form


Short lead times, including for smaller series

Thanks to our advanced angle-measuring system, the angle of each bend is measured and corrected if need be during the bending process, ensuring that the output is perfect from the get-go. The result is shorter lead times and better quality. All of our machines are programmed offline, allowing us to realise shorter set-up times. The programme is already right there for the bender, reducing the time they need to spent on preparing the machine. During this offline simulating/programming, the manufacturability of the product is also tested, meaning that we find out whether products can be manufactured or not much earlier on in the process. This in turn prevents stagnation and additional material costs and cutting costs during the manufacturing process.


The blades, stamps and moulds used in the bending process

The standard moulds for most flashings can be used on our press brakes. We also have our own specialised tools and are able to make custom tools for clients’ work if needed.

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Outsource your CNC bending work?

Our employees work with stainless steel every single day and know what to look out for and how the material responds to the process. If you want to know more about the options, please feel free to contact us, no strings attached!