Hoekman Stainless Steel: Total Supplier


We can collaborate with you on your product’s engineering process. You can turn to us for aid throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to the end product. Based on the question you pose to us, our consultants, designers, and constructors get to work. Our experience with countless projects allows us to provide you with valuable advice regarding choice of materials, construction efficiency, the finishing method, and the construction method. We always aim to realise the highest possible quality level and optimal construction while keeping a handle on the costs.

Engineering based on sheet metal

Hoekman Roestvaststaal thinks in terms of sheet metal. How can a structure best be created out of sheet metal? Engineering based on sheet metal requires extensive knowledge of sheet metal technology. We discuss all of the execution options with you beforehand; often, reengineering a product can result in a better, more efficient design.  By involving our engineers in the design process early on, you can save up to 80%! In collaboration with you, we are able to realise the following:

  • Fewer parts needed
  • Fewer material needed due to the use of bent parts as opposed to solid parts
  • Shorter processing time due to less welding work
  • More stable constructions due to tensile load as opposed to compression load
  • Smooth, clean face due to clever construction
  • Good joint positioning due to the use of ridges and grooves
  • Laser engraving to mark the right joint positions

Engineering starts in our support office

Our management support office monitors the manufacture and acts as the intermediary between our clients and the manufacturing department. The office consists of a team of calculators, work planners, engineers, and programmers. They visualise designs in 3D and test their manufacturability. Once all of the details have been worked out, a sample or prototype is first created. Using Hicad 3D and linked software, the complex parts on each parts list are transformed into efficiently manufacturable sheet metal parts. The parts lists are then reunited in our assembly hall.

Software systems for smart engineering

Hoekman Roestvaststaal uses various software systems, such as production control (ERP), a 3D CAD engineering package, and CAM programming software. The links between the various programmes allow them to exchange data, calculate and draw results, and link any required further processing. As a result, we are able to realise short lead times. Moreover, once we have manufactured a product once, we can initiate a repeat order very quickly and efficiently.

Why opt for Hoekman Roestvaststaal?

  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Specialised in stainless steel
  • Short lead times due to automation
  • Multiple processes in-house
  • Single units and small series

Do you want to know more about engineering?

If you want to know more about the possibilities in the field of engineering, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help!