Hoekman Stainless Steel: Total Supplier


To construct clever out of sheet metal will lead to saving time and ensures a better quality throughout the manufacturing process. We specialise stainless steel construction work. Our extensive use of ridge joints ensures that frames can be assembled in one way only. This ensures greater dimensional accuracy, resulting in more accurate results. A combination of in-house sheet metal cutting and CNC bending allows us to work very efficiently.

High-quality constructing

There is a world of difference between the processing required for regular steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel requires a completely different approach. Even though the name ‘stainless steel’ implies that this type of steel cannot stain, this is not true unless it has been treated properly. If it comes into contact with steel particles throughout the process, it can be contaminated and start oxidising regardless. Two other important factors that can cause corrosion are faulty welding and faulty post-treatment. Hoekman Roestvaststaal maintains a high quality standard, laid down in the ISO 9001 system.

Constructing or reconstructing a prototype

Say you are going to be building a machine, or have been commissioned by a client to build their machine. You know the exact specifications and what you will need to take into account when manufacturing this machine. After some time at the drawing board, you manage to complete a digital prototype. The frame consists of stainless steel, and the prototype also contains a number of other stainless steel parts. However, is this really the most advantageous way to construct your machine, taking into account things like use of materials, processing time, and complexity? We specialise in stainless steel construction work and are thus able to determine whether the prototype you have come up with is as efficient as possible. If the prototype passes the test, we can start producing the necessary parts for you right away. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities of having us construct your idea or reconstruct your prototype!

Welding shop and assembly hall

Our 1,000m2 welding shop doubles as our assembly hall. We have 13 permanent welding stations featuring Demmeler-brand clamping tables. All of these workstations feature a TIG welding device and all of the necessary tools. Moreover, we also have 6 MIG-MAG welding devices, which allow us to be flexible if needed. We also have two welding robots to tackle any serial welding work.

We manufacture products for the following industries:

✔ Machine manufacturing

✔ Food industry

✔ Chemical industry

✔ Bodywork Construction

✔ Yacht-building industry

✔ Chemical industry

✔ Construction and infrastructure